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New Blog Site September 26, 2009

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Please follow my new blog at


Money for nothing, get your sweeps for free! September 22, 2009

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I just started sweepstakes entering about 3 weeks ago. I was surprised how fun and addicting this pastime can be. There are many sweepstakes and contests out there. I have found some that are more easily won than others.

My favorite daily instant wins

1. Honey Nut Cheerios end 3/9/10

They giveaway $5 every 10 minutes! I have one 1 time.

2. Twist txt get from end Jan. 31, 2010

Click the officials rules 5a. ii for 2 free entries a day!

I have won a $20 eco cash card, and 2 free movie tickets.

3. Monopoly expires 9/28/09

I won a $ 15 dollar amazon card.

4. Subway Scrabble ends 10/4/09

I have won 6 free 3 month club pogo memberships. (online)

I have won a 6″ sub, 32 oz. drink, and 2 free cookies (instore)

Free codes you can use to play!


  • CGJH-WFMC-XLBF – Letter “H”
  • RXZB-XVCB-GGHJ – Letter “I”
  • PFLD-WMXK-CMVZ – Letter “O”
  • FQDT-PMWZ-SBLJ – Letter “L”
  • KXZT-GVLH-XVSB – Letter “O”
  • QLHK-JGQJ-GMHC – Letter “D”
  • SRTR-KVRW-ZWWG – Letter “R”
  • QCDM-QLDK-TRNG – Letter “H”
  • XLSS-NGJC-JRDJ – Letter “I”
  • HJGG-VGPM-FPPG – Letter “U”
  • NSMR-SLDZ-SVKX – Letter “O”
  • JNSH-QFXR-KGCW – Letter “D”
  • ZXMQ-QBNF-PCZV – Letter U”

    and one you can enter once a day( DFMF-BBPB-QZMF ) – Letters “R, O, U, & L” up to 4 days.

    Check out these sites that give away codes! (Check often these codes go fast!)


    5. Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards Program  ongoing

    I have won $10 huggies cash card from the interactive game.

    I also won a $25 kohls card from the instant win section. (Instant win section prizes change periodically)

    Check here for FREE codes!



    New blog giveaways September 16, 2009

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    3833062422_9a8b01ec1e_tCheck out these new and exciting blog giveaways!

    1. The Mom Buzz is giving away a $15 dollar amazon card, and free e-cards

    2. is giving away a personalized book for your child from

    3. Healthier Air with the Oreck ProShield Plus giveaway!